U.S. Army Infantryman

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U.S. Army Infantryman ~ The Big Red One

Hürtgenforrest 1944

Full Part List

Head & Body:

1. New Head Sculpture x1

2. Body w/ Relaxed Hands x1

3. Gun Holding Hands x1


4. M1 Helmet x1

5. Army Cap x1

6. M1943 Field Jacket x1

7. M1943 trousers x1

8. M1938 Raincoat x1

9. M1939 Overcoat x1

10. Scarf x1

11. M1943 U.S. Two-Buckle Boots x1 pair

12. M1936 Pistol Belt x1

13. M3 Shoulder Holster x1

14. Thompson 5 Cell Ammo Pouch x1

15. Thompson 3 Cell Ammo Pouch x1

16. Army Lightweight Gas Mask Bag x1

17. M1938 Map Case x1

18. Army Blanket x1


19. Thompson M1A1 submachine gun x1 (wood and metal)

20. Thompson 30-Round Magazine x3

21. Thompson 20-Round Magazine x5

22. M1911A1 .45calibre Pistol x1


1st Infantry Division badge