German Fallschirmjäger ~ Gran Sasso Raid

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German Fallschirmjäger ~ Gran Sasso Raid ~ Operation Eiche

In the summer of 1943, after Mussolini had become the prisoner of Italy’s Badoglio Government, it was Skorzeny whom Hitler personally assigned to rescue the Duce. After weeks of dime-thriller spy work he located Mussolini in a remote hotel on the 5,560-ft. peak of the Gran Sasso in the Abruzzo Mountains northeast of Rome. He led an assault which reached the hotel by crashlanding gliders against the mountainside. Skorzeny reported: “Duce, the Führer has sent me as a token of his loyal friendship.” They flew out together in a tiny plane which had to take off by dropping 1,000 feet over a precipice.

Skorzeny surrendered to U.S. troops at Salzburg, in 1945. Since then, he had been in prison, first at Dachau, then at Darmstadt. His war-crimes trial, on charges of torturing U.S. prisoners, resulted in acquittal; but he was held in custody because a denazification court had not yet gotten around to his case. Last week he escaped. Somewhere in Germany, Otto Skorzeny had gone underground.”

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1. 1X M38 Helmet
2. 1X Luftwaffe Tropical uniform
3. 1X Luftwaffe Tropical Trousers
4. 1X Fallschirmjager Jump Smock
5. 1X Luftwaffe Tropical Side Cap
6. 1 PAIR Fallschirmjager Boots
7. 1X Luftwaffe Bevo Breast Eagle
8. 1X Iron Cross 1st class
9. 1X Fallschirmjager paratrooper badge
10.1x Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge
11.1x Silver Wound Badge
1. Luftwaffe Y-Harness
2. Luftwaffe Tropical Belt and Buckle
3. Luftwaffe Bread Bag
4. M31 Water Bottle
5. M31 Mess Kit
6. K98 bayonet with tropical frog
7. Fallschirmjager Kar98k Ammunition Bandolier
8. Fallschirmjager FG42 Ammunition Bandolier
9. Brown Kar98k Ammunition Pouch
10. Grenade Bags
11. K98k grenade launcher pouch
12. K98k grenade Bag
13. M31 Breadbag
14. Shovel
1. Kar98K Rifle w/Grenade Launcher Fitted (made from wood)
2. Metal Kar98K GrenadeX10pcs