Albert Kesselring

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Albert Kesselring ~ German Luftwaffe Generalfeldmarschall

  • A super authentic headsculpt.
  • German luftwaffe generals uniform,overcoat,breeches,trousers and so on.
  • German luftwaffe officer visor caps (grey and white).
  • Jackboots (genuine leather).
  • Brand-new and super realistic field marshal Albert Kesselring baton and Interim baton.
  • Luftwaffe generals sword with black scabbard and hanger in genuine leather.
  • Multiple brand-new medals especially for generalfeldmarschall Albert Kesselring.

Full Part List


1 Super realistic headsculpt

2 Body

3 Open palms

4 Relax palms

5 Gun-holding palms


6 German Luftwaffe officer visor cap (grey)

7 German Luftwaffe officer visor cap (white)

8 German Luftwaffe Generals uniform

9 Breeches

10 German Luftwaffe Generals overcoat

11 Trousers

12 White shirt

13 Black tie

14 Cotton one-piece suit

15 Luftwaffe Parade Belt

16 Brown belt (genuine leather)

17 Golden shoulder lanyard

18 Grey gloves

19 Jackboots (genuine leather)

20 Shoes


21 Ring

22 Watch

23 White Harness with sword hanger strap

24 Field Marshal Albert Kesselring baton

25 Field Marshal Albert Kesselring Interim baton


26 Luftwaffe Generals Sword with black scabbard and hanger in genuine leather

27 PPK pistol with a clip and holster in genuine leather


28 German Luftwaffe Generalfeldmarschall Shoulder board x2 pairs

29 German Luftwaffe Generalfeldmarschall Collar tab x2 pairs

30 Luftwaffe breast eagle x1

31 Afrika cuff title (long x1 and short x1)

32 Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords and Diamond x1

33 Ribbon bar x1

34 Ribbon of Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus

35 Pilot/Observer Badge in Gold x1

36 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class x1

37 WWII Italian Pilot Wings x1

38 WWI German Iron Cross 2nd Class with Ribbon x1

39 Bavaria Order of Military Merit 4th Class with Swords x1

40 Saxon Albert Order - Knight's Cross 2nd Class with Swords x1

41 WWI 1914-1918 Hindenburg Cross Honour with Swords x1

42 German Luftwaffe 25 Year Long Service Medal with ribbon

43 Bavaria - Prinzregent Luitpold Medal in Bronze

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