Takuya Hayashi

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Imperial Japanese Army 32nd Army 24th Division ~ Private

Artikelnummer: JP638

Imperial Japanese Army 32nd Army 24th Division ~ Private


- Super realistic headsculpt (slightly weathered)
- Body
- Open palms (slightly weathered)
- Palms for holding gun (slightly weathered)


- Type 90 Helmet with liner and cover (slightly weathered)
- Japanese Army Field Cap with neck flap 
- Janpanese Army Tropics 2/3 Sleeves Shirt (slightly weathered)
- Janpanese Army Raincoat (slightly weathered) 
- Trouser (slightly weathered)
- Janpanese Army Combat Boots (slightly weathered)
- Jika-tabi boots 


- Japanese Army Bread Bag
- Japanese Army Octopus Backpack
- Canvas water bucket
- Scarf
- Puttees
- Gloves
- National Flag of Japan
- Good Luck Flag
- Hachimaki (Headband)
- Senninbari(Thousand Stitch belt)
- Japanese Army Handbook
- Ammo Pouches (Front)  X 2 (Real Lether with weathering)
- Ammo Pouch (Rear)  X 1 (Real Lether with weathering)
- Belt (Real Lether)
- Canteen with harness
- Mess kit
- Dog tag with string
- Japanese Army Oil Box
- Shovel with cover and cord


- Type 99 rifle Arisaka with strap and bullets X 5
- Type 30 bayonet with Scabbard & Real Leather Frog
- Type 97 Fragmentation Hand Grenade with fuse


- Collar tabs x 3

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Artikelnummer JP638
Fabrikant 3R
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