T-34/76 Mod.1941

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1st Guards Tank Brigade, Moscow 1942 (DA60135)

About the T-34: 

The T-34 is a Soviet medium tank first produced in 1940. It was the mainstay of Soviet armored forces throughout WWII, and widely exported afterwards. A few T-34s remained in use until the 1990s.

It was developed from the BT series of Fast Tanks, but meant to replace the T-28 medium. When first built, it was the tank with the best balance of firepower, mobility, and protection in existence. By the end of WWII, its production had replaced all other Soviet tank designs except for a small number of Iosef Stalin heavy tanks. This multi-role design greatly influenced the development of Main Battle Tanks in the late 20th century.

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Artikelnummer DA60135
Fabrikant Dragon Armor
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