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Waffen SS Medic Operation

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Waffen SS Medic Operation

Comes with:


  • Authentic headsculpt
  • New all-era body with three pairs of hands
  • Uniform
  • Set of M36 uniform
  • Camouflage smock and a pair of combat trousers
  • Service shirt
  • White coat
  • Visor cap
  • One pair of Gaiters
  • Scarf
  • One pair of glooves
  • One pair of marching boots
  • One pair of Jackboots
Medical Equipment:
  • One medic first aid bag and two pouches (genuine leather)
  • Four dressing bandage packs (2 bare and 2 with packing)
  • Four packs of medical cotton gauze
  • Two tourniquets
  • Four boxes of safety pins (total 10 pcs) & one pin carrier
  • Stethoscope 
  • Syringe with outer packing
  • Three hemostatic forceps
  • One thumb forceps
  • One magill forceps
  • One foldable surgical razor
  • One foldable medical curved field knife
  • One amber colored drip by drop anesthesia bottle
  • One graded medicine cup
  • Two pill boxes
  • Seven patient's files
  • M42 helmet and inner liner
  • Bayonet & frog
  • Pistol with hoslter
  • Canteen & belt
  • Shoulder strap,two belts and one Y strap
  • One pair of presbyopia glasses
  • Bread bag
  • Watch
  • Pencil
Medal & Insignias:
  • Five styles of medals
  • Two collar tabs
  • Four shoulder boards
  • Two breast Eagles
  • Two arm badges
  • Two armbands (Red cross / Deutschland)
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