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German Wehrmacht ~ Heer Sniper

Snipers are highly trained professionals who hide in discreet locations and use precise weapons to elimenate targets from long distances. They play a crucial role in special operations and can be decisive in determining outcomes.

DID proudly present you the 1/6 WWII German Wehrmacht-Heer sniper – Wolfgang. With a sharp eye, he’s ready for action at a moment’s notice.

Wolfgang is dressed in typical WWII German sniper outfits, including an M43 field tunic and trousers and a newly crafted reversible camouflage smock. In addition, there is a camo-painted helmet, a mosquito head net, and a grey toque for him. German field canvas gaiters and black low boots made of genuine leather are his footwear.

Wolfgang is fully armed. He carries a wood and metal K98 sniper rifle, which is excellent in performance and easy to carry, with a simple structure and great firepower. Coupled with the brand-new ZF42 sniper scope, it can precisely target at a long distance. Also, he comes with two eihandgranates and a boot knife.

Moreover, Wolfgang is also equipped with a range of beautifully crafted accessories such as a bread bag,
mess tin, canteen, and monocular. A new K98 sniper rifle scope case is designed for storing the ZF42 scope. Notably, the K98 sniper rifle rear sight cover and the ammo pouches are made of genuine leather. Various metal medals are finely engraved and included as well.

Full Part List


1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 All New – DID 1:6 HG Body (Slim Tall Ver.)
3 Open palms
4 Gun-holding palms


5 WWII German camo-painted helmet (metal) with inner liner
6 WWII German M43 field tunic
7 Trousers
8 Shirt
9 WWII German M43 reversible sniper camouflage smock
10 WWII German mosquito head net
11 Grey toque
12 Y-straps (genuine leather)
13 Belt (genuine leather)
14 German field canvas gaiters
15 Black low boots (genuine leather)


16 Mess tin
17 Canteen
18 Bread bag
19 K98 ammo pouch X 2 (genuine leather)
20 WWII German K98 sniper rifle scope case
21 WWII German monocular
22 Watch
23 K98 sniper rifle rear sight cover (genuine leather)

24 K98 sniper rifle with ZF42 scope
25 Eihandgranate x 2
26 German boot knife with scabbard (metal)


27 Breast Eagle X 1
28 Collar tab X 1 pair
29 WWII German WH sleeve rank X 3
30 Iron cross First Class 1939 X 1
31 Infantry Assault Badge in Silver x 1