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German WH Infantry Oberleutnant – Winter

The fighting on the Eastern Front of WWII was the largest military confrontation in history. The battle in Eastern Front was a decisive factor in the direction of WWII, and serving as the main reason for the defeat of Germany.In the early stages of the war, the German army sent their main forces to the Eastern Front in an attempt to invade and occupy the Soviet Union, but as the war progressed and the Battle of Stalingrad broke out, the Soviet-German war began to take the major turn and the Soviet Union began its counter-offensive.

DID proudly presents the long-awaited WWII German WH infantry Oberleutnant, Winter! The headsculpt is super realistic, with deep eyes reveal a determined gaze. And there are two moles on each side of the lips, which are highly distinguishable.

Winter wears the WWII German officer uniform and breeches, with a white service shirt inside and a brand-new M36 greatcoat on top. The material for M36 is brand-new. He can wear helmet or the M34 field cap. The light brown scarf and grey toque are the neckwear. The grey toque can cover the head to keep warm. The all genuine-leather jackboots are on his feet.

Winter is not only equipped with a P38 pistol, but also a MP40 submachine gun. MP40 submachine is compact, great firepower and has a high accuracy at effective range. There is also a new metal German panzerfaust, simple structure but the power beyond almost all handheld weapons. What’s more, there is also a metal boot knife and a M24 hand grenade(wood-and-metal) for him. What a complete set for Winter!

In addition to the basic accessories such as bread bag and canteen, Winter is also equipped with binoculars, a metal gas mask canister, a compass, a whistle, a map and two cigarettes. Winter is with various medals which are metal and with exquisitely carving, such as Tank Destruction Badge in Silver and Infantry Assault Badge in Silver, Iron Cross First Class 1939 and so on.

Full Part List


1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 All New – DID 1:6 Advanced Body (Slim Ver.)
3 Open palms
4 Gun-holding palms


5 WWII German WH officer uniform
6 WWII German breeches
7 WWII German white service shirt
8 Grey Toque
9 Light brown scarf
10 WWII German M36 greatcoat
11 WWII German helmet with inner liner (metal)
12 WWII German M34 field cap
13 Grey gloves
14 Belt (genuine leather)
15 Jackboots (genuine leather)

16 WWII German bread bag
17 WWII German canteen
18 WWII German gas mask canister (metal)
19 German compass
20 MP40 magazine pouch X 2
21 Whistle
22 Binoculars
23 Cigarette X 2
24 Watch
25 Map


26 MP40 submachine gun with magazine X 2 and bullet X 5
27 P38 pistol with holster (genuine leather)
28 German M24 grenade (wood+metal)
29 German panzerfaust (metal)
30 German boot knife with scabbard (metal)


31 Shoulder board X 2 pairs
32 Collar tab X 1 pair
33 Breast Eagle X 1
34 Tank Destruction Badge in Silver x 1
35 Infantry Assault Badge in Silver x 1
36 Iron cross First Class 1939 X 1