U-Boat Periscope Diorama

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German U-Boat Periscope Diorama w/extra head

We have created the German U-boat periscope diorama set for the commander Lehmann. It includes a periscope and an super realistic beardless headsculpt. The highly detailed 1/6 scale periscope with two metal pillars in different heights, which you could adjust the height of the periscope for different posture.

What’s more. If you purchase both D80148 Commander Lehmann and the E60058 Periscope Diorama Set together, you will get a bonus 1/6 Leica camera with handmade genuine leather camera case (US$20 value) for FREE. The camera is with limited quantity. So first come first serve.

Full Part List


1 Super realistic headsculpt (without mustache)

2 Periscope diorama

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