Trench Diorama set B

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WWI Trench Diorama Set B

To better present Tom, we have specially designed the Trench Diorama Set B. It includes wooden trench with duckboards, sheet of corrugated iron with weathering, fabric curtain, 9 big and 6 small sandbags. You could build up the diorama to go with Tom or combine with William’s trench diorama to present the real life in trench of the WWI British infantry.

The Trench Diorama Set B is the must have to expand your WWI battlefield.

PS: The WWI British Army action figures and WWI diorama set A in the images are not included in E60064.

Full Part List

1 Wooden trench with duckboards
2 Sheet of corrugated iron x 1 (with weathering)
3 Fabric curtain
4 Big sandbag x 9 (with weathering)
5 Small sandbag x 6 (with weathering)

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