Stove Diorama Set

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Stove Diorama Set

To enrich the fun and variety of the WWII dioramas, DID especially brings you the 1/6 WWII Stove Diorama Set. It contains a base part, tools, daily necessities and food.

The base part is a house wall built on a rough floor, with a fire burning in a metal german trench stove. German trench stove was used to cook or keep warm by german troops on the bunker during WWII. German mess tin can be placed on the stove or hung over the side of the stove to heat the food. A lot of daily used items have been included to accompany with the stove, such as metal mess tin with food, coffee pot and mug, metal knife and fork, axe (wood and metal) and tree stump, tree trunk and firewood. It is noteworthy that when you put the firewood on the fire, the fire will be lighted up automatically. There is snow and a piece of red checkered cloth as well. You can create a realistic diorama of cooking, heating or even fighting with your troops.

Now we have stove and mess tin, how can we go without food? To make the diorama more realistic, we prepared a variety of food in this set: two potatoes, two eggs, two slices of bread, half and two slices of ham sausage and an apple. With all the rich accessories, you can recreate some real life scenes from any different period with different figures.

PS: All action figures that are shown in the images are NOT included in E60067.

Full Part List


1 German trench stove (metal)
2 Fire
3 House wall
4 Floor


5 Mess tin (metal) with food
6 Coffee pot and mug
7 Red checkered cloth
8 Knife and fork (metal)
9 Axe (wood and metal) and tree stump
10 Tree trunk
11 Firewood
12 Snow


13 Sliced bread X 2
14 Ham sausage (half) x 1 + sliced sausage X 2
15 Potato X 2
16 Egg X 2
17 Apple X 1