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German Nachrichtenhelferinnen Des Heeres

Full Part List

1 One authentic headsculpt
2 One New female body
3 One pair of relaxed palms
4 One pair of palms for holding gun
5 One palm for holding pen

6 One side cap
7 One set female uniform (Tunic and skirt)
8 One shirt
9 One greatcoat
10 One pair of silk stockings
11 One tie
12 One scarf
13 One pair of gloves
14 One pair of shoes

15 One realistic typewriter which is made of over 200 parts
16 One set of delicate desk and stool
17 One desk lamp that can be turned on
18 One beautiful typewriter case
19 One telephone
20 One leather handbag
21 One clip board with pen
22 One cigeratte holder with two cigerattes

19 One pistol with silencer

20 Three insignia flash
21 Three breast eagle
22 Two cuff titles