Sergeant Major Wolfram

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Radio Operator of Grossdeutschland Division (GD) 1942 East Front “Fall Blau”

Full Part List

1 One life-like Headsculpt

2 One New all-era body

3 Three pairs of hands

4 One grey shir

5 One M36 uniform

6 One pairs of collar tabs

7 One pairs of epaulets

8 One pair of grey trousers

9 One camouflage smock

10 One bread bag

11 One sergeant cap

12 One cuff

13 One A frame assault pack

14 One leather bandolier pouch

15 One grey gloves

16 One gas mask canister

17 One black belt

18 One black trousers suspender

19 One water bottle

20 One helmet with camo cover

21 One mess kit

22 One K98 bayonet with carrier

23 One telescope

24 One Maschinenpistole 40

25 One Military radio

26 One earphone and throat vibration headset

27 Two cigarettes

28 Two medals

29 One pair of leather boots

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