Sergeant Donald

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US 2nd Armored Division “Hell On Wheels”

SSGT Donald, a Sherman tank commander in 2nd Armored Division, was responsible for making decision and leading his crew to fight with enemy’s tanks. Usually he would jump out of the tank and patrol around before enemy arrived. At that time, he wore the tank jacket and M1938 helmet and carried StG44 and M1917 revolver. He was the eye and heart of the tank.

Full Part List


  • One super realistic headsculpt
  • One all era body
  • One pair of relax palms
  • One pair of palms for holdling gun


  • One tanker Jacket
  • One green shirt
  • One pair of pants
  • One belt
  • One pair of gloves with weathering
  • One pair of boots with weathering


  • One StG44
  • One M1917 Revovler with SIX bullets


  • One weathered M1938 helmet (made up with OVER 70 parts)
  • One microphone
  • One headset
  • One goggles
  • One musette bag
  • One holster
  • Two cigarettes


  • Four arm badges
  • Two patches