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The War behind the Lines

Hidden in territories held by the Nazis were forces that inspired a greater level of fear in the individual invader than any other. These were the partisans; organised civilian groups who fought military actions and campaigns of sabotage, disruption, espionage and protest against the occupying forces. This DVD looks at the French Resistance, amongst others, and asks searching questions about their effectiveness while seeking to separate fact from fiction. Other perhaps less well documented groups also fall under the spotlight, including the successful partisans of Yugoslavia and of Russia. Klaus Schmider of the Sandhurst Military College, testimony from World War Two veterans and informative maps and graphics depict a side of the war that was hugely successful but also resulted in savage reprisals. Narrated by Graham McTavish.


  1. Introduction
  2. Life under the Nazi Jackboot
  3. Barbarossa
  4. Reprisals
  5. Italy
  6. Russia
  7. D-Day