Panther Tank Diorama ~ Sand

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Panther Tank Diorama ~ Sand version

To better present Jager and re-create the combat scenes of the WWII German Panzer Commander, DID presents you the 1/6 Panther tank diorama.

It includes the Panther G Commander cupola, wooden base and FG1250 IR night vision scope. The panther G Commander cupola is made of metal and could be opened flexibly. Wooden base with Zimmerit coating on both sides, cross emblems and metal-made panzer emblem are included.

The night vision scope is made of plastic and composed of the infrared night vision device, exchangeable lens and bracket. It could be lit up and is made for night fighting.

1/6 Panther tank diorama is the perfect match for the German Panzer Commander.

PS:1/6 WWII German Panzer Commander – Jager (D80160) is NOT included in E60068.

PPS: To make the 1/6 Panther tank diorama more personnel, we also released the Sand Version. Both the commander cupola and zimmerit coating are painted with sand color. So you could DIY your 1/6 Panther tank diorama as you want.

Full Part List


1 FG1250 IR night vision scope (can be lit up and with exchangeable lens)

2 Panther G commander cupola (metal) in sand color

3 Wooden base (with zimmerit coating in sand color, cross emblem and metal panzer emblem)

4 Two decals