Panther Tank Diorama

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Panther Tank Diorama With MG34

To better present Max Wünsche, and re-create the combat scenes of the WWII German Panzer Commander, DID presents you the 1/6 Panther tank diorama with MG34.

It includes a Panther G commander cupola, wooden base and MG34 panzer machine gun with cupola mount. Additionally, it comes with a bullet chain, six bullets, and a drum magazine. The Panther G Commander cupola is made entirely of metal and can be flexibly opened. The base is made of wood. It also features a 1st SS panzer division emblem and an LAH emblem, both made of metal.

We have also introduced an MG34 panzer machine gun made of metal, along with a metal cupola mount. The MG34 panzer machine gun differs from the standard MG34 in that its barrel sleeve is compact, making it suitable for placement on tanks, designed specifically for panzer. The pairing of the MG34 machine gun with the tank further accelerates victory in combat.

The 1/6 Panther tank diorama with MG34 enhances the playability and enjoyment for Max Wünsche. The combination of both recreates the combat scenes of the German panzer and is definitely not to be missed!

PS:The action figures showed in the images are NOT included in E60077.

Full Part List

1 Panther G commander cupola (metal) in camo color
2 Wooden base

3 Bullet chain with bullets X 6 and the drum magazine(plastic)
4 MG34 panzer machine gun with cupola mount(metal)

5 1st SS Panzer Division emblem(metal)
6 LAH emblem(metal)