Oberst I.G. Claus Von Stauffenberg

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Oberst I.G. Claus Von Stauffenberg ~ Operation Valkerie

Claus von Stauffenberg (1907-1944) was the Oberstleutnant i.G in German army during WWII. In the spring of 1943, he was attacked by the P-40 Kittyhawk fighter bombers of the Desert Air Force in Tunisia and was seriously wounded, losing his left eye, his right hand and two fingers on his left hand. But he soon returned to army and planned to assassinate Hitler. On 20 July 1944, he ran the plot to kill Hitler with two bombs at the Wolf’s Lair but failed. On July 21, midnight, Stauffenberg was captured, sentenced to death and summarily executed.

After 14 years, we are glad to bring you the 1/6 Oberst I.G. Claus von Stauffenberg of Operation Valkyrie again! With two super realistic headsculpts, he is handsome and resolute. Although the left eye is covered with an eye patch, the right eye still reveals a calm and determined gaze. Two headsculpts can be exchanged for different scenes as you prefer.

Stauffenberg can be dressed in three different styles. On top of the white shirt, he can wear the German officer field grey tunic and breeches, or the German general staff officer oberst tunic, and even the newly crafted greatcoat. The German general staff officer visor cap is shapeable and the black eye patch is removable. He also wears a brand-new genuine-leather jackboots. You can change the outfits for him according to different scene.

Stauffenberg is equipped with a PPK pistol with a genuine- leather holster, two yellow TNT blocks known as “King of Explosives” and four brass detonators.

He also comes with many unique and beautifully-made accessories including a genuine-leather briefcase, two pointed pliers, a watch, a Mission ID card, a Valkyrie Mission folder, a desk, a prosthetic eye with case and various finely engraved metallic medals. What’s more, a brand-new left palm with only three fingers and a stopper for the right hand are specially developed for him. The legendary Stauffenberg is perfectly recreated with all these things!

Full Part List


1 Super realistic headsculpt X 2
2 All New – DID 1:6 HG Body (Slim Tall Ver.)
3 Brand-new left palm with only three fingers
4 No palm but a stopper for the right hand


5 WWII German General staff officer visor cap
6 WWII German officer field grey tunic
7 WWII German General staff officer oberst tunic
8 Breeches
9 Greatcoat
10 White shirt
11 Cotton one-piece suit
12 Brown belt (genuine leather)
13 Black eyepatch
14 Jackboots (genuine leather)


15 Brown briefcase (genuine leather)
16 Watch
17 Mission ID card
18 Valkyrie Mission folder
19 Pointed pliers X 2
20 Prosthetic eye with case
21 Desk

22 PPK pistol with holster (genuine leather)
23 TNT block X 2
24 Detonator X 4


25 Cap badge X 1 + Eagle X 1
26 Breast Eagle X 2
27 Collar tab X 2 pair
28 Shoulder board X 3 pairs
29 Iron cross First Class 1939 X 1
30 Wound Badge in Gold X 1
31 Ribbon bar x 1