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SS Engineer ~ SS-Panzer-Division "Das Reich" ~ Eastern Front 1943

Full Part List

One lifelike headsculpt
One New all-era body
Three pairs of hands
One uniform
One combat trousers
One camouflage smock
One backpack
One bread bag
One camo helmet cover
One side pouch
One field cap
One grey scarf
One cuff
One trousers suspender
One belt
Two triangular flags
One oblong flag
One flag carrier
One water bottle
One shovel wth carrier
One saw with carrier
One bayonet with sheath and carrier
One wirecutter with carrier
One helmet with inner leather
Three pieces of explosive block
Two pieces of explosive charge
One exploder
One grenade
One wire
One Teller mine
One mess kit
One K98 rifle
Eight styles of medals & insignias
A pair of leather boots