Michael Wittmann

Productnr.: D80098

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Full Part List

1 One lifelike headsculpt
2 One New all-era body
3 Three pairs of hands
4 One grey shirt
5 One set of uniform (M36 Tunic and Breeches)
6 One black short jacket
7 One black leather jacket
8 Three pairs of shoulder boards
9 Two pairs of collar badges with brand-new metal Skull-shaped insignia
10 Two styles of leather belts
11 One army cap
12 One field cap
13 One pair of grey gloves
14 One armband
15 One P38 pistol with black leather holster
16 One pair of binoculars
17 One new earphone and throat vibration headset
18 Six styles of medals & insignias
19 Two pairs of black leather boots