Josef Sepp Dittrich

Productnr.: GM632

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Full Part List

1 One super realistic headsculpt
2 One short body
3 One pair of open palms
4 One pair of relaxed palms
5 One pcs of holding gun
6 One M36 uniform
7 One white shirt
8 One pair of breeches
9 One panzer uniform
10 One pair of pants
11 One black shirt
12 One great coat
13 One visor cap
14 One pair of grey gloves
15 One belt
16 One pair of Jackboots
18 One binocular
19 One ring
20 One watch
21 One pistol with holster
22 Nine styles of inginia
23 Two ribbon bars
24 Three pairs of shoulder boards
25 Two pairs of collar tabs
26 Three eagle arm badges
27 Two V-shape arm badges
28 Two cuff titles