Heinrich Himmler

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Heinrich Himmler ~ Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel ~ Late Version

  • A super authentic headsculpt
  • German officer Grey Uniform
  • German officer Grey greatcoat
  • Beautiful sword with sheath
  • PPK pistol with a clip and holster in genuine leather
  • Jackboots (genuine leather) with spur

Full part list

1 Super realistic headsculpt

2 Body

3 Open palms

4 Palms for holding pistol


5 German officer Grey visor Cap

6 German officer Grey Uniform

7 Grey Breeches

8 Cotton underclothes

9 German officer Grey greatcoat

10 White shirt

11 black tie

12 Grey gloves

13 Belt with buckle and cross strap

14 Brocade belt

15 Sword hanger

16 Sliver Shoulder lanyard

17 Jackboots (genuine leather) with spur


18 Plastic Glasses

19 Watch

20 Ring

21 Cigar


22 Sword with sheath

23 PPK pistol with a clip and holster in geniune leather


24 Shoulder board X 2 pairs

25 Collar Tabs X 2 pairs

26 Honour Chevron x

27 Cuff title X

28 Sleeve eagle X

29 Ribbon bar X

30 NSDAP Golden Party Badge X

31 2nd class DRL Sports Badge X

32 Hitler Youth Badge X

33 Pilot/Observer Badge X

34 Commemorative West Wall Medal X

35 Return of Memel Commemorative X

36 Sudetenland Medal with Prague Castle Bar X

37 Austrian Commemorative Medal X

38 NSDAP 10 Year Service Long Service Award X

39 NSDAP Fifteen Year Award X

40 The SS Long Service Award for twelve years of service X 1

Please note that the metal glasses are replaced by the authentic plastic glasses.
The chair and diorama are NOT included.