Erwin Rommel

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The Desert Fox - Field Marshal of DAK

A super authentic headsculpt.

All new German Field Marshal tropical outfits including the peak cap, pith helmet, uniform, greatcoat, neckerchief, shorts and so on.

Brown belt, jackboots and low boots(partial) are all made of genuine leather.

A Beautifully-made goggles, binoculars and camera with cover (genuine leather).

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel Interim baton.

PPK pistol with a clip and holster in genuine leather.

Multiple brand-new medals especially for Marshal Erwin Rommel.

Full Part List


1 Super realistic headsculpt

2 All New - DID 1:6 Advanced Body (Slim Short Ver.)

3 Open palms

4 Gun-holding palms


5 Peak Cap (green)

6 German pith helmet

7 Uniform

8 Breeches

9 Greatcoat

10 Shirt

11 Shorts

12 Neckerchief

13 Socks

14 Cotton one-piece suit

15 Grey gloves

16 Brown belt (genuine leather)

17 Jackboots (genuine leather)

18 Low Boots (partial genuine leather)


19 Goggles

20 Camera with cover (genuine leather)

21 Binoculars

22 Ring

23 Watch

24 Field Marshal Erwin Rommel Interim baton


25 PPK pistol with a clip and holster in genuine leather


26 Breast eagle x 1

27 German Field Marshal shoulder board X 2 pairs

28 German Field Marshal collar tab X 2 pairs

29 Ribbon bar x 1

30 Ribbon bar of Sliver Medal of Military Valor Italy x 1

31 Military Order of Italy (Ordine militare d'Italia) x 1

32 Iron Cross 1st Class 1914 x 1

33 1939 Clasp 1st Class to the 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class x 1

34 Wound Badge in Sliver x 1

35 Panzer Assault Badge X 1

36 Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords x 1

37 Pour le Mérite Blue Max Highest Honor medal x 1

38 Afrika korps cuff tile

NOTE: Other Team Members (Figures) are NOT included

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