Amon Göth

Productnr.: D80178

€ 247,50
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German Officer ~ Untersturmführer/Obersturmführer

DID proudly presents you the WWII German Officer – Amon Göth featuring a lifelike head sculpt with sharp features and tightly closed lips. His handsome appearance reveals a resolute and serious expression, embodying indifference and coldness towards life in a striking manner.

In terms of attire, he is dressed in a classic M36 tunic, complemented by a white shirt and breeches, adorned with an officer’s visor cap. Over this ensemble, he wears a newly crafted dark green genuine leather greatcoat and black genuine leather jackboots. All garments are meticulously crafted with soft and comfortable materials, accurately recreating the attire of a historical figure.

For weaponry, Amon is equipped with a portable and high-rate-of-fire P08 pistol with a genuine leather holster. Additionally, he carries a Mannlicher – Schoenauer rifle made of metal and wood, along with 5 bullets. This rifle boasts low rate of fire but high accuracy, ensuring excellent performance and a stable shooting experience. Following technological enhancements, the design and manufacturing processes of the rifle have seen significant improvements.

Accessories include a set of exquisite wine bottle and goblet, a delicate watch, and two cigarettes for leisure time. Furthermore, there are several beautifully sculpted metal badges and more. All accessories are finely detailed!

Amon is an exceptional must-have action figure for your collection of German officers. Secure yours now and don’t miss out!

PS: The dog that is shown in the images is NOT included in D80178.

Full Part List

1 Super realistic headsculpt

2 DID 1:6 HG Body (Slim Tall Ver.)

3 Left palms X3 + right palms X3Outfits

4 German officer visor cap

5 German M36 tunic

6 Breeches

7 German officer leather greatcoat (genuine leather)

8 White shirt

9 Grey gloves

10 Belt with shoulder strap (genuine leather)

11 Black jackboots (genuine leather)


12 Watch

13 Cigarette X2

14 Goblet

15 Champagne bottle


16 P08 pistol with holster (genuine leather)

17 Mannlicher – Schoenauer rifle (wood + metal) with bullet X5


18 Collar tab X3(Totenkopf collar tab X1, SS Obersturmführer collar tab X1, SS Untersturmführer collar tab X1)

19 Shoulder board X2 pair (with 4 golden rank stars)

20 Sleeve eagle X2

21 Third Reich Period WHW Saar Donation Badge X1

22 DRL Silver Sports Badge X1

23 Ribbon bar X1

24 Cuff title X1