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Musikkorps der SS - Ceremonial Vol. II ~ SS Bass Drummer/SS Cymbalist

Full Part List

1 One super realistic headsculpt
2 One all-era body
3 One pair of open palms
4 One pair of relaxed palms
5 One M32 uniform
6 One brown shirt
7 One pair of breeches
8 One pair of white gauntlet gloves (real leather)
9 One belt with white Y strap (real leather)
10 One helmet
11 One visor cap
12 One tie
13 One pair of Jackboots
11 One bass drum with a pair of mallets (real leather drum skin)
12 One pair of cymbals with real leather loops
13 One black stand with base
14 One bayonet with scabbard
15 One pair of SS swallow nests
16 One shoulder board
17 One pair of collar tab
18 Two cuff titles