3.7cm PaK 36

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3.7cm PaK 35/36 Anti-tank Gun

Special Features:

- 3.7cm PaK has dimensions of 46cm x 48cm (in combat mode)
- Gun cradle is movable
- 3.7cm PaK can be assembled in travel or combat modes
- Movable gun mount allows gun to traverse and elevate/depress
- Gun shield is true to scale – can be folded up or down realistically
- Movable gun breech can be displayed open or closed
- Bonus ammunition and ammo box for 3.7cm PaK

About the PaK 36
Developed in 1936 by Rheinmetall, the PaK 36 (PaK is an abbreviation of Panzerabwehrkanone) was a German antitank gun that fired a 3.7cm-caliber shell. Its first combat was in the Spanish Civil War, and it was widely used in the early years of WWII. However, by the time of the campaign in the West in 1940 and in the East in 1941, the PaK 36 was hopelessly outclassed and pretty much incapable of defeating the heavier armor of tanks like the French Char B, British Matilda or Russian T-34. The diminutive weapon’s increasing ineffectiveness led to its nickname of “door knocker” by its German crews. Despite this, the 37mm L/45 gun remained the standard antitank weapon for many units until 1942.

In the second release in Dragon’s new 1/6 series of model kits, the PaK 36 comes in from some loving attention from the company’s expert designers and engineers! Hot on the heels of the first 1/6 Kettenkrad kit comes this plastic rendition of this common German antitank gun. The large scale allows all the intricate detail of the original weapon to be fully rendered. Every component is accurately produced to scale and construction is straightforward, making this kit a pleasure to assemble. To provide more options, ammunition and ammo cases are also provided. Modelers now have the makings of a fine diorama, with the Kettenkrad all ready to tow this 3.7cm PaK 36 into action!

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