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PzKpfw KW II 754 Panzerkompanie (zbv) 66, Malta invasion force, 1941 (HG3008)

PzKpfw KW II 754 Panzerkompanie (zbv) 66, Malta invasion force, 1941 (HG3008)

General Background
During the Spring of 1941 Germany was debating whether to attack the British stronghold of Crete or Malta. Newly acquired tanks captured from Russian forces were going to be used for the operations. T- 34s and KV-2s were combined into a special company designated (z.b.v.) 66. This company was to be used specifically for the invasion of Malta where the KV-2s would make perfect bunker busters. In March of 1941in preparation for the Malta invasion the captured KV-2s were painted in tropical camouflage schemes of Gelbraun (yellow-brown) and Graubraun (grey-brown) along with a small Balkenkreuz (black cross – national symbol) on the side of the turret. Another modification made to the KV-2s was the addition of a PzKpfw III Commander’s cupola.

The decision was made to assault Crete first and on May 20, 1941 Germany launched an airborne assault on the island. This assault was the first attempt to capture a large area using only airborne forces instead of using them to support the Wehrmacht. Crete was defended by Greek partisans and Allied forces and along with the geography this attack became very costly for the Germans. Because of the high cost during Operation Merkur the invasion of Malta was cancelled. In August of 1942 these same KV-2s were assigned to fighting around Demyansk.
Specifications :
Weight: 52 tonnes
Length: 23.3 ft – 7.1 m
Width: 10.9 ft – 3.32 m
Height: 10.6 ft – 3.23 m
Clearance: 1.4 ft – .43 m


Diesel V-2K 600 hp

Maximum speed: 21 mph – 34km/h
Maximum range: 155 miles - 250 km
Armor: Hull front /2.95 in – 75 mm
  Hull side/2.95 in – 75 mm
  Hull rear/2.36 to 2.76 in – 60 to 70 mm
  Turret/2.95 in – 75 mm
Armament: 1 x 152 mm M-10 model 1938/1940 Howitzer
  3 x 7.62 mm DT machine guns
Crew: 6
Production total: Approximately 334

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