Guy Whidden

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101st Airborne Veteran

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101st Airborne Division ~ Guy Whidden II

Guy Whidden, 101st Airborne Division, World War II. Soldier Story 1/6 scale figure, featuring a headsculpt in the likeness of the real-life Guy Whidden as he appeared during World War II, US 101st Airborne uniform, paratrooper gear and accessories, and photo-etched figure stand.

From the Manufacturer:

Soldier Story is honored to have the official authorization from one of the highly decorated WWII veterans – Mr. Guy Whidden II, to develop a 502nd PIR paratrooper 1/6 scale action figure. Many other brands had produced 101st airborne division trooper figure before, especially related to D-Day, but few received proper authorization from a true war hero. 

Back in 2010, Soldier Story created the “Mohawk head” 101st airborne paratrooper figure (product code SS040), inspired and authorized by another WWII veteran Mr. Jake McNiece (who sadly passed away in 2013). Mr. Guy Whidden, aged 95, is one of the last living WWII survivors and war veterans, who participated in the Normandy landing.

Comes with:

  • M-1C paratrooper helmet (metal)
  • M-1C helmet net cover
  • US airborne garrison cap
  • M5-11-7 assault gas mask
  • Gas mask filter
  • M-1944 dust goggles (clear lens)
  • M-1944 dust goggles (dark polarizing lens)
  • WWII Guy Whidden, II life live head sculpt
  • S2.5 BODY
  • Weapon bare Hand (1 Pair)
  • Bendable bare Hand (1 Pair)
  • Bare Feet (1 Pair)
  • GI wool shirt
  • M-1942 parachutist jacket
  • M-1942 parachutist pants
  • Corcoran jump boots (sewing leather)
Field Gear:
  • M-1936 suspenders
  • Shoulder pads
  • M-1938 riding gloves
  • M-1936 pistol belt
  • M-1910 canteen cover
  • M-1910 canteen (metal)
  • M-1910 canteen cup (metal)
  • M-1942 first aid pouch
  • M-1910 entrenching tool cover
  • M-1910 E tool entrenching tool shovel (metal)
  • M-1936 musette jump bag
  • Paratrooper rigger universal ammo pouch
  • TL-122 flashlight torch
  • M-1918 combat knife
  • M-1918 knife sheath
  • M-2 folding knife
  • M-2 grenade
  • M-1 ammunition carrying /w carrying strap
  • Paratrooper wrist compass (1944)
  • Model A-11 US military watch
  • Paratrooper cricket
  • MKII No75 “Hawkins Mine” (/w leg strap)
  • M-7 black rubberized gas mask bag
  • B-4 life vest (1943 dated)
  • Airborne let down rope
  • T-5 parachute main pack (/w harness)
  • T-5 reserve chest pack
  • Paratrooper leg bag
  • M1A1 carbine folding paratrooper stock (wood / metal)
  • M1 carbine sling
  • M1A1 10rd magazine x 4
  • M1A1 Scabbard (for M1A1 carbine folding stock)
  • M1911 .45 pistol
  • M1911 7rd magazine x 3
  • M-1916 pistol holster
Figure Stand
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