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Bialas ~ German Africa Corps WH MG34 Gunner

Art: D80158

ETA Q4 2022

Bialas ~ German Africa Corps WH MG34 Gunner

Glad to let you know that a new member of WWII German Africa Corps is coming. Let’s welcome the MG34 Gunner, Bialas! You can see his eyes are full of anger, as if a raging fire is lit up. His nose is flaring and mouth is tightly closed. It looks like he wouldn’t stop until all the enemies are annihilated.

He is in an all new DID 1:6 advanced body (Slim Short Ver.), featuring the same slimness and highly articulation as slim version but 1 cm shorter. More than 40 joints allow it to pose more naturally and flexibly in a variety of different ways.

Same as other members of Africa Corps team, the outfits for Bialas is very “tropical”. DAK tropical field cap or M35 DAK desert-tan helmet shows up on his head depends on different situation. Pullover shirt, M40 tunic and trousers are tied up within the canvas belt. The partial genuine-leather DAK tropical low boots are on his feet.

The MG34 machine gun is a German innovative weapon to get around restrictions imposed by Treaty of Versailles. It is extremely powerful, well designed and has excellent performance. And it can be used either as a light machine gun with a bipod or as a heavy machine gun with a tripod. The MG34 machine gun for Bialas is made of all metal and with a 6-round bullets chain and a drum magazine. In addition, Bialas is also equipped with a P38 pistol (with movable slide and detachable clip) and a real-leather holster. A metal bayonet with scabbard and a wood-and-metal M24 grenade are also prepared for him as well. Bialas is richly armed and extremely powerful in combat.

Various and practical accessories are necessary for Bialas. Sweat rag tan and goggles are used to protect against sandstorms. A real-leather MG34/42 tool pouch is with large storage capacity. He is also equipped with a multi-functional shovel, a slightly-weathered gas mask canister, coconut canteen, mess tin, bread bag and cigarette. 

A breast eagle and black wound badge on the the gunner’s chest. A german DAK sleeve ranking on his left upper arm. All accessories are beautifully made and you should not miss!

With the MG34 gunner joining in, the power of the whole Africa Corps team will be greatly improved. Just take Bialas home and expand your WWII German Africa Corps team!! 

Please note that other DAK members are not included in D80158.

Comes with:


  • Super realistic headsculpt
  • All New – DID 1:6 advanced body (Slim Short Ver.)
  • Open palms
  • Gun-holding palms


  • German M35 DAK desert-tan helmet with inner liner
  • German DAK tropical field cap
  • German DAK tropical M40 tunic
  • German DAK tropical trousers
  • WWII German tropical pullover shrit
  • Sweat rag tan
  • German DAK tropical canvas belt
  • German DAK tropical low boots (partial genuine leather)


  • German DAK shovel with canvas carrier
  • German bread bag
  • German DAK tropical coconut canteen (with weathering)
  • German DAK mess tin (metal with weathering)
  • German DAK M38 gas mask canister (metal with weathering)
  • WW2 German tropical goggle
  • MG34/42 tool pouch (genuine leather)
  • Cigarette x1


  • German bayonet with scabbard and hanger
  • M24 grenade X 1 (with weathering)
  • P38 pistol with leather holster (genuine leather)
  • MG34 machine gun with drum magazine and bullet chain with bullets X 6


  • Breast Eagle X1
  • WWII German DAK sleeve ranking X1
  • Black wound badge X1
  • Afrika korps cuff title
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