Sinews of War

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Army Logistics

For every one army in the field during World War Two, there were two behind, helping clothe, feed, house, arm, supply and organise. It was said to take three men to put one effective man onto the field of battle, and for the High Command of all armies, supplying their front line forces presented as big a problem as securing victory over the enemy. Napoleon Bonaparte once said "An army marches on its stomach", this DVD proves that adage to be very true. "Sinews of War" highlights those whose job it was to "keep things moving" in theatres of conflict all over the globe during World War Two. It features remarkable archive film and in-depth interviews with leading military authorities including Chris Reed, and author and historian Bob Carruthers.

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  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: None
  • Playtime: 50 minutes
  • Regions: All Regions
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