Line of Fire

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Arnhem 1944 - Operation Market Garden

Arnhem This is the story of ‘Operation Market-Garden’, the code-name of the offensive which was supposed to bring the Allies victory before the end of 1944. Despite the bravery of the Allied troops, the attack was a costly failure ... the war would not be over by Christmas. Taken from the hugely-popular television series ‘Line Of Fire’, this programme harnesses state-of-the-art computer technology to explore, explain and bring new perspectives to one of the most notorious battles of World War Two. It also features archive film, specially treated recreations and authoritative comment by leading military historians from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

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  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: None
  • Playtime: 48 minutes
  • Regions: All Regions
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Fabrikant Pegasus Entertainment
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