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American Volunteer Group "Flying Tigers" P-40 Pilot

American Volunteer Group "Flying Tigers" P-40 Pilot

The first American fliers in combat in the Pacific, they were officially known as the First American Volunteer Group, later shortened to A.V.G. The name Flying Tigers was first introduced on March 24, 1942, when an American correspondent quoted a Chinese newspaper article saying the American fliers were practically "fei-hu" (flying tigers). The term stuck, and the A.V.G. has been known as the Flying Tigers ever since that incident.

Comes with:


  • Service cap
  • Shirt and pants CHINO
  • Flight Jacket
  • White scarf
  • Goggles.


  • Watch
  • Parachute
  • Belt.


  • Colt 45 handgun
  • Chest holster.
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