Albert Brown

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British Infantry ~ 1914-1918

Artikelnummer: B11001

British Infantry ~ 1914-1918

Comes with:

  • Realistic head sculpt
  • Articulated body
  • Light-blue T-shirt
  • Service dress tunic with two brassards
  • Service dress trousers
  • Service dress cap
  • Backpack
  • Gas mask with carrier
  • Haversack
  • Two sets of fabric five cartridge pouches
  • One set of entrenching tool (head and helve)
  • Broad waist belt
  • Piece of harness
  • One pair of Khaki cloth puttees
  • Iron clamp with carrier
  • One set of leather five cartridge pouches
  • Water bottle with khaki fabric cover
  • Bayonet and one bayonet scabbard with carrier
  • Strap that fixes bayonet scabbard and entrenching tool helve
  • Four epaulets
  • Five cockades
  • Hamlet with inner fabric cloth
  • Barbed wire
  • Lee Enfield rifle
  • One pair of ammunition boots
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Artikelnummer B11001
Fabrikant Dragon in Dreams
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