Flight Sortie

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Come and join the aircrew of 55 squadron as they take off in three ship Victor formation from their Norfolk base. Journey with them as they fly over England to make a noon encounter over Buckingham Palace. Then witness various aircraft preparing for autumn meetings for the last major air show of the year. See the mighty delta winged Vulcan Bomber make a spectacular entry in formation with the Red Arrows. Then feel the sadness as you see what happens to an expendable aircraft. And finally for the last time ever, see an actual flight sortie whereby Victor K Mark 2 refuels the Buccaneer.

Product details:

  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: None
  • Playtime: 45 minutes
  • Regions: All Regions
  • Dolby Digital
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Artikelnummer AR102D
Fabrikant Artsmagic Ltd.
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