Private Mellish

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US 2nd Ranger Battalion ~ Series 6

Series 6

ETA: End Q1 2022

Artikelnummer: A80155

US 2nd Ranger Battalion ~ Series 6

Long time no see, 1/6 US Rangers! Glad to let you know that there will be a new member for the team – Private Mellish. He has a mature face with cold eyes. And he is brave and always ready to shoot towards any enemies.

Private Mellish wears typical outfits of WWII US 2nd Ranger Battalion, including HBT jacket, HBT pants and M41 Field jacket. The materials of HBT uniform are soft and unique as before. With the Ranger assault vest, Private Mellish looks more handsome and vivid. The M1 helmet is used to protect him, and real-leather boots are lightweight and comfortable for walking.

Private Mellish is equipped with a M1 Garand rifle. The M1 Garand rifle was the primary weapon of the U.S infantry during World War II. It was recognized as the best rifle of the Second World War since it was reliable, accurate and easy to disassemble and clean. He also comes with a bayonet and a dagger, both of which are easy to carry and attack the enemy. BTW, there are two M24 grenades for him to use as well.

What’s more, many beautifully-made accessories are also included in this release, such as a multi-functional shovel, an easy-carried M1910 canteen, TWO delicate 6-pocket bandoleers, a watch and a Star of David dog tag etc.

Comes with:


  • 1 Super realistic headsculpt
  • 2 Body
  • 3 Open palms x 1 pairs
  • 4 Gun-holding Palms x 1 pairs


  • 5 M1 helmet with inner liner
  • 6 Woolen cap
  • 7 Ranger assault vest
  • 8 M41 Field jacket
  • 9 HBT jacket
  • 10 HBT pants
  • 11 Green T-shirt
  • 12 Leggings
  • 13 Boots


  • 14 Shovel with cover
  • 15 M1910 canteen with cover
  • 16 6-pocket bandoleer x 2
  • 17 Cigarettes x 2 (One complete and one burning)
  • 18 Watch
  • 19 Dog tag X 2  + the Star of David dog tag X 1


  • 20 M1 Garand rifle with magazine clip x 3
  • 21 Bayonet with sheath
  • 22 German Dagger
  • 23 Grenade x 2


  • 24 Ranger qualification badge
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Artikelnummer A80155
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