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The origins of the Waffen SS (Armed SS) can be traced back to the creation of a select group of 200 men who were to act as Hitler's body guard. This "body guard" was created by Hitler in reaction to his unease at the size and strength of the SA (Sturmabteilung or Storm Troopers). The SA had grown so large that Hitler felt he needed an armed escort that was totally dedicated to him. Thus the Schutzstaffel (SS) or protection squad was created.
The SS was a political and military organization consist of three separate branches. While they were all under one banner, yet they were independent from each other in their functions and goals. Among the three branches, The Allgemeine SS was the main branch.  
Our impression Schnell Wunsche, was an SS Oberscharfuhrer of the SS-Standarte “Germania” unit. He is dressed in his Black service Uniform. Like many other members, Schnell was an athlete as he proudly display his golden SA Military Sports badge as well as his party badge along with his 1933 SS Service Dagger. The fully adjustable belt allows Schnell to wear it over his tunic or the winter coat, which is also included.

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Custom Status Missing in Action
Fabrikant Dragon in Dreams D80015
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