Reinhardt Witt

Dragon in Dreams
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SS Pionier 

The sturm-pioniers (assault engineer) are combat ready units of the pionier branch. While these men mostly are pionier by branch, they could also be from individual Battalion or Regiment who are trained to perform the tasks of pionier. Usually, company or platoon strength units are attached to various Battalions or Regiments to assist them in their missions.
One of the more recognizable pieces of equipment is the “Pioniersturmgepack” (pioneer assault pack), which was issued to one out of 5 pioniers. Other tools and equipment, including the warning flags and flags carrying case, are also included.
The equipment basically remained unchanged throughout WWII. You can present Reinhardt in just about all periods during WWII by mixing and matching the uniforms provided in the set. Our impression, SS-Pionier, Reinhardt Witt is for late war setting.

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Custom Status Missing in Action
Fabrikant Dragon in Dreams D80018
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