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SS Sturmmann 

Under the doctrine of WWII German infantry tactics, the squad machine gun is the centre of operation where the rest of the squad will maneuver and try to achieve its objective under the lead of the squad machine gun fire. The Maschinengewehr 1942 or MG42 is the replacement of the MG34, first manufacture in 1942. The stamped sheet metal construction allows more rapid production to meet the growing needs in the battle field and was the infantry weapon with the fastest rate of fire in WWII.

The MG gunner of each squad is usually the most capable and experience because the rhythm of the advance is often control by the gunner.

Our impression, SS-Sturmann “Kurt Dorr” is also equipped with a P38 pistol, a binocular for his spotter, MG gunner’s kit and . At Normandy campaign, he was issued the camouflage face veil, which they have used at several ambush situations. All metal construction MG ammo links with turned brass cartilages and an all metal construction ammo can is also included. Each figure is unique because each uniform is slightly weathered by hand to replicate the field used uniform.

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