Hans Ebner

Dragon in Dreams
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Volks Grenadier 

With the drastic down turn of campaign with Russia and the newly established front at Normandy. German Army had suffered tremendous blows to almost complete destruction and ineffective.

Instead of restructuring the existing divisions, a decision was made to organize completely new divisions. As a result, Volksgrenadier or People’s Grenadier Divisions were formed with remains of various Divisions and any men with able body to serve. Training was usually brief just letting the veteran to lead the young, the elder and the return of previously retired soldiers who have either been wounded or have served their terms for their country.

Our impression of the Volksgrenadier, Hans Ebner is a seasoned veteran serving under 18.Volksgrenadier-Division. Unlike most other units, Hans had just been issued the latest MP44 assault rifle and a new set of uniform and getting ready for the Ardennes campaign in December 1944. 

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