German Fighter Aircraft of WW2 I 1939 - 1942

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The German Luftwaffe entered World War II in September 1939, employing as its main day fighter the Messerschmitt Bf–109, one of the classic fighter aircraft designs of all time. When war broke out, it was already riding high on a reputation derived from its successful blooding in the Spanish Civil War. 1941 saw the introduction of the Focke Wolf Fw–190 over the English Channel. Its superiority over the Spitfire Mk. V saw it rapidly become the Luftwaffe fighter arm`s `second iron` and was to play a major role in the widening conflict from 1941 onwards. This programme covers the operations of the Bf–109 in its role on all fronts, to 1942 and the early missions by the Fw–190 over France and the English Channel.

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