Dragon in Dreams
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Drud ~ WH Major General with German Communications Set 2

- Highly Detailed Field Telephone Switchboard, telephone, Amtzsusatz device, FF33 Field Telephone 
  All above are made up with total over 260 parts

- Delicate spare parts including wood desk and chair,  coffee pot with cup and saucer, clip board and pen 

Comes with:   


- Super realistic headsculpt
- Body
- Open palms
- Palms for holding pistol
- Palm for holding pen


- M40 uniform
- Breeches
- White shirt
- German army side cap
- Brown belt
- German jackboots


- Field Telephone Switchboard
- Amtszusatz device
- FF33 Field telephone
- Telephone
- Wooden Desk and chair
- Tobacco pipe
- Coffee pot with cup and saucer
- Clip board and pen
- Watch


- PPK pistol with holster in geniune leather


- Knight's Cross
- German Cross
- Golden Party Badge
- Collar tabs (2x)
- Shoulder boards (2x)
- Breast eagle  (1x)

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